Monday, October 17, 2011

God is Bigger than Himself??

God is Bigger than himself?

Oh boy, look what’s found its way inside my brain now.
God is bigger than himself. To say God is “himself”, is already making what is normally referred to as God, out to be a single entity, which would mean there is more around besides God. But God is supposed to be the biggest there is.

But, how can there be more of something that already was, and is already where it is not, when that something is The All?

Since God is The All, that in my mind includes everything and everyone including female. Now I know many people (not excluding myself) will pick at this thought for me saying it or even thinking it. Believe me as I write it, I go to a weird place inside myself to think that I would even think such a thing…how blasphemous, right? Because God has always been explained as being only one way.
However, as I think on it, since God is The All, The Alpha, The Omega etc., does that not include femininity and other ways of being since those ways of being are a part of creation?

If the Creator of it all is not the largest of it all, then that would leave room to say there is space where The Creator is not found.

…but the above statement however, contradicts the entire supposed is-ness and vastness that is told to be God.

Here I am, 36 years old, and I remember being 8 years old asking my mother “Mommy, if God made us, then who made God?” I used to drive myself crazy in my little head.

This brings me back to my first statement of – God is bigger than himself. Calling God simply himself automatically makes God to be as one separate being separate from everything…when God is everything.

Just thoughts from my personal journal. :)


Friday, October 14, 2011

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