Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Dichotomies of Belief and Spiritualism

Spiritually speaking it really bothers me that I have been made to feel on numerous occasions unallowed to be who I am and believe what I want to believe. I'm made to feel like the spiritual side of things I've believed in or do believe in are unacceptable and I am in need to change because of those beliefs or belief systems.

This is a free country, well at least at the moment and to a certain extent, but no one can control a person’s thoughts or feelings.  I have learned and know about myself that whether or not people accept me for what I do or do not believe in, even if it disagrees with what they believe, I am the only one that matters in how I feel about me.
I may or may not agree with what they perceive as truth as I am allowed.  Others also have the right to disagree with me and believe as they choose to.

It all comes down to two things with differences of opinion. Love or fear/hatred which is where needing to control stems from. We are all born into a world of dualism. I welcome this, for without dualism, how can anyone experience themselves as themselves or experience others as who they are.
Or better yet, how can anyone understand themselves or humanity as a whole without having and accepting differences of opinion, spiritual belief, thought processes or otherwise.

When a person does not accept me, as I do them, in my differences of opinion or belief then that person or persons never accepted me to begin with and vice versa.

In order to love and accept your SELF fully, you have to love and accept others equally and without judgment.

Additionally, if someone is different than you, it will not “rub off on you” or somehow take away from your inner self to allow them to be who they are.


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