Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Friday night stuff" video on youtube ;)

Hey Jipsies! I posted a new chit chat video on youtube yesterday. Go check it out! ;) New fun videos coming soon! Also, if you haven't already go subscribe to my channel (search name Mystikjipsy) to catch all the new stuff coming in the near future. xo

...oh, and from now on I will be signing any blog posts of mine simply "♥ M."! :)
♥ M.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jipsy Update


Omgosh, it has been so long since I've been able to talk to you...and get into this freaking blog. Anyways..I'm in here now thank the universe. ;) 
Ok, new stuff, as you should be aware, I made an announcement on my Twitter @mystikjipsy that old and new fans are now called Jipsies. So, when you become my fan, you then become a part of my Jipsy army! Sound cool? It is...why you ask?

I'll be glad to tell you! 
Jipsies Traits are:
Jipsies do not run away from their own inner power.
Jipsies live and love music.
They are not afraid to shake up the boat.
They are who they are without apology.
Jipsies take chances where others would shrink away.
They are not afraid to have an open mind.
And most of all Jipsies are kind and respectful to themselves, other Jipsies and nature. 

More will be added to this list of Jipsy traits as time goes on! =D

Other news, I'm working on some more videos for acoustic guitar cover songs. Currently I have one draft version up on my YT @  
Subscribe to me there, my Channel name is Mystikjipsy. Look forward to seeing you there!

I heart you my Jipsies, and will talk again soon..Happy Sunday!

♥ Jipsy

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