Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Illusions

Holiday Illusions

It has become a standard that any other non-holiday day is “the norm” to be violent, mean, selfish, unkind, rude or whatever. Then suddenly because of a day that is just like any other day, but that we’ve been told to put under the guise of a “HOLIDAY! :D” …suddenly there is this invisible shiny glossy magic cover put on it and then almost everyone has this gleam in their eyes.

I don’t know why but as every year comes during the holidays I feel this sense of distraction and that I’m being fed an illusion, and today which is Thanksgiving 2013 is no different. I do not want to put across the idea that I’m not a thankful person or that I don’t enjoy all the delicious food and being with family or friends who are family that comes with this day and other big holidays. I also do not want to put across that there aren't genuine heart felt people out there who really care during these times.

No it’s not that, what I’m talking about is, I feel this aura around the holidays that almost feels like a big lie. I really hope that I don’t offend anyone with this, but I feel it needs to be said.

It is like we are having the wool pulled over our eyes, like being stuck in a weird void or warp for our minds when it comes to Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other holidays. Especially when it comes to shopping but I won't even go there in this post. 

Let’s take Thanksgiving for example since today happens to be Thanksgiving. Everyone makes such a huge deal out of the holiday and being thankful and the nostalgia of it all…when in fact this sort of energy or aspect of love should be an everyday thing. It’s like we have been programmed to be kind and loving only on these holidays and any other day is a free for all to be ridiculous to others. 

In my opinion it is very sad that we have fallen into this “Holiday” lie. Yes I said lie, and I say it because the lie in the holidays is that those are the only times to experience and give the feelings associated with those holidays. Love, which encompasses all the good feelings and emotions that surround these holidays we choose to express them, is meant to be an everyday occurrence.

Everyone really needs to wake up and stop being blinded and stop allowing themselves to be brainwashed into this idea that giving once a year is really giving, or being kind once a year is really a kind heart. These are illusions, and I am trying to wake you up to that…or at least I hope I made you think.

Needless to say, I hope you have a very blessed day today, everyday and that every day you experience a holiday, because every day should be treated as such.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Rant and Rave: Fake and Phony

**Sorry for this random rant, but I'm really fed up with a lot of the fake crap that goes on. I will get back to more relevant things such as spirituality, music etc on my next blogs. Every girl deserves a rave and rant day.** 

Yes I'm ranting today...I'm finding some "friends" I've known since I was younger aren't actually my friends. Especially since they delete posts that have to do with my music that I put on their wall to remind them to "like" my page...because for some reason they "keep forgetting".

It's funny and phony how "friends" pretend to be your friend but they will not support you in anything you are doing that is moving in a positive direction. These same friends have told me I should give up on music and only be a parent like them.

Listen my daughter is about 18yrs old in a month. I've raised her, I have no other children, don't plan on having anymore. I have goals and dreams to make come true. It is not my fault if a person decides to have millions of kids. That is actually a great thing to bring life into the world if that is what you choose to do. However I also feel it is great to be successful in your ambitions. That is what I choose for myself.

I have even had a family member, who I'm not going to name, while we were sitting at a restaurant together took it upon herself to steal an opportunity from me right before my eyes. I was speaking to a waiter about music and asking him if he does music, what instruments he plays etc..and before I can get my words out, my family member butts in, "Great here's my number, I'm looking for a few good musicians. My name is blaah blah.."

I sat there looking at her with complete disbelief. To add insult to the injury, she answered my look with "What? Business is business, and I need a musician".

I'm only including a few with me at the top of the mountain, the ones who deserve to be there because they truly stuck by me when I was struggling at the bottom.

My revenge will be my success...because I will be successful.  M.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Thoughts today.. :)

**Also posted on my Facebook page **

Most times I'm overwhelmed with emotions of care and compassion for people I don't even know..people I see when I'm sitting at a light or walking in the mall or whatever. I feel so connected and sometimes sad for they are a family member I love and care deeply about. 

Part of me wants to shrink away from this emotional reaction, I'm almost embarrassed. I believe part of the reason is because we are so conditioned to be self absorbed and not caring for others from day 1. At least subliminally we are. Having genuine love and care for other people is look at as a weakness especially in the current world we live in.

When I get in this frame of mind of feeling compassion for others I also inwardly think something must be wrong with me to be feeling this way..I mean it isn't the "usual" way of interacting with people, especially people you don't know right? Or is it?

We forgot who we really are and have come to believe that this world we live in and all of it's mind traps are who we are..and that is not the truth.

I believe this reaction I've been having to people I don't know is the natural state we all have before we even become a physical energy and how we are meant to feel.. but it has been suppressed because we've become so absorbed in the illusions of our surroundings.


p.s...and G'morning! Hope you have a great Sunday! xo

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some life happenings..really ridiculous, sad, funny life situations about cleanliness. seems an ongoing theme in my life to run into situations where people get very upset with me for wanting to be clean or stay germ free. To me it is very funny how I'm the one made out to be over acting and overly germaphobic when  something they do is prone to cause sickness or whatever.

I'll give you some examples.

For instance once I was employed by an organization where my supervisor sat across from me and vice versa. We would eat our lunch at our desks which was nice because it was much more comfortable to me to enjoy my lunch at my desk. Anyways, well I noticed that as she was eating her sandwich she kept sitting it on the desk without a napkin or anything underneath it. Well I mentioned how other people come and sit there and that you don't know what goes on when she is not there.

Well you'd think I called her a blasphemous name or something because she flipped out and brought other employees in on it like I was a goody two shoe about germs. She also wanted to make it clear that because she was able to sit her sandwich on an open desk it somehow made her stronger than I was a weakling. Good grief.

Another for instance recently my daughter had a friend come spend the night at our house. Now I'm all for the sleepover thing and friends having a movie night etc. I didn't know that the friend coming over was coming over sick as a dog. Out of kindness, because she was already here I let her stay the one night but had already decided she needed to go home the next day. The friend was laying down the entire time she was here and was coughing and all sorts of things.

That is only part of the whole issue..when my daughter spoke with the friend through email I'm told the friends mother was upset with me because I sent her home for being sick! And because I was using Lysol around her daughter! Wt?

She was contagious, and sick at my home when you knew she was sick and I'm being ridiculed because I was cleaning around her and because I took her home? The nerve of it all!

One last for instance. I was washing my hands at a job before lunch and I felt a coworker watching I slowly turn to her as if to say why are you staring so hard. She then proceeds to look at my hands and says "what are you going in for surgery?" tyring to make it as a joke..because I was washing my hands. I wash my hands for at least 15 secs. Some people seem to put liquid soap on there hands and then just rinse under the water without any washing. To me and for my own needs that is NOT washing your hands.

There are many other instances I can mention about this whole thing of people being defensive about you pointing out an obvious thing. But I'll stop here.

I think the reason people get so upset is because they feel you are somehow belittling them because you aren't doing the unaware actions they are doing. It makes them feel less than and so because of their lack of self they'll try to bring you down a peg or two so you feel like them. It's so ego based it's not even funny anymore it's sad really..
♥ Jipsy

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

**Music Updates**

Hey Jipsies!

Long time no post, I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a long while.

Just some updates about what is going on with me in the music world! :)

If you didn't know already my first release is now available on iTunes
called Not Your Average Jipsy! This release is also available on Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody just to name a few.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who is going out and buying my first release!
I'm working on a second release to be called Once Upon A Winter. I will update when that
is available!

I as the lead singer and a few excellent musicians have formed a new band...called Of Eve and our new Facebook page is located here------>
Go "Like" us there as well as my personal music page at  !

Our first gig is at Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill this October--->

We are in the process of getting a profile pic on our profile and new music as well.
We will be performing a few covers and much of my own music I have already put out as Mystikjipsy. I look forward to seeing and meeting all of you soon at some of our shows! :)

Thank you for your continuing support of my musical jouirney!

♥ Jipsy

Sunday, June 16, 2013

In this day and age??

I've experienced a few times racists types of situations where I've spoken to a white person, maybe over the phone..everything goes well, everyone is considerate and polite and looking forward to meeting the other. For no apparent reason when they finally get to meet me they are suddenly distant and seem to dislike me like I've killed their dog or something.  Come to find out they were unaware that I was a black woman because over the phone I sounded white, so when they see me they are not happy campers.

In addition, I've had (very recently) a white person just stare at me as if I was some disgusting creature they've never seen. I've also noticed that it doesn't matter how much money you have, how nice your clothes are, how good your smell, how eloquently you speak, how educated you are or even how straight your hair is as a black person..because people that are suffering with being a racist never see anything but a color.

I will never understand why the color of skin is so important. We are all HUMAN, and all BEAUTIFUL living TOGETHER on this earth.
I know racism is unfortunately still alive, but it's still very odd to me to come up against this sort of thing in this day and is also sad and quite a bit stupid. I'm very concerned that racist people no matter their race, are behind in their thinking to the point of being elementary..and not able to get passed a color of a persons skin.

Dr. Martin Luther King did so much to begin change in American regarding racism and human rights. I feel he opened so many doors for this country. But that is just it, he opened the doorways and we are the ones that were supposed to complete the journey. I am sad to say that we haven't really carried out what Dr. King started all those years ago.

It is like American's became lazy and complacent depending only on what was accomplished by him instead of moving it forward as I'm sure Dr. King wanted. The point I think was for we as Americans to continue to build upon what was initiated by Dr. Martin Luther King. We seriously still have a long long way to go.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Pondering on a Thursday night..

I've come to two conclusions about my life..all of the really harsh things that have happened and that are going on right now in my life are extremely hard to handle. It's been a bit overwhelming.

The conclusions I've come to are:
 1. It is happening because I'm meant to fail or something is trying to keep me down.

OR (which to me is the better but harder option)

2. It is happening because I am meant to do something phenomenal with my life and right now I'm being emotionally and spiritually preened and conditioned for the moment that finally arrives.

The great people in history, many of them came from meager backgrounds and had many hardships before their "happy ending" came about. In actuality, it really comes down to me making a choice between the two options...meaning am I going to give up or will I press on and accomplish what I came here to do?

I can either give up, throw in the towel..or I can be the heroine of my life and conquer these mountains before me.
...those are the only choices.

Every queen has her rough moments..but at the end of it all she is still a queen.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Soul, Fame, the Devil and the whole world

Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
I’m usually not one to write about bible scriptures, but I do love a lot about what the bible says even though I also incorporate other spiritualities in my personal belief system. I feel there is a lot to be learned from reading the bible, larger than what it is used for today for religious purposes...if you’re willing to look deeper.
So, here we go with how I perceive the above bible verse. This may not be anything new, but I haven't updated my blog in a looong while and felt like sharing my thoughts. :)
The world…the world means many different things to many different people.  Someone’s world might be their work, or a significant other and so forth and so on. To me a soul is more than simply that invisible but felt part of ourselves that is spirit and eternal. Although that is a very excellent definition, I also feel that our soul is that larger part of ourselves that we give away. For example when you’ve given and given in a specific situation and the receiver wants you to give more. When you are giving to the point of not being able to give to yourself, you’ve lost your soul. This goes for romantic relationships, relationships between families, friendships, work, play..anything really. Losing your soul isn’t always about “selling your soul to the devil”. In a sense you’ve sold your soul to a devil by wanting whatever outcome you want to happen so bad that you lose yourself (your soul) in the process.
The above bible reference, most people take to mean selling your soul to Satan for riches, fame and worldly pleasures. Though that is most likely true to some extent, I believe there is an additional explanation to that particular verse.
“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world…”
Well that would depend on what the “world” means to each person. (I.E. money, girls, guys, success, job promotions, material possessions, unwarranted status or respect for egoic purposes etc) ….
”and lose his own soul?” (time, energy, self respect, dignity, love, sanity)
So for example, when you hear about celebrities, some more than most, having supposedly sold their soul to the devil, it could in fact be the case. However, I believe that in most cases what celebrities have actually “sold” is their precious time, there privacy in their day to day lives, being who they were before they were so widely known, being a punching bag for the world. So in a sense, they have sold all of the above for the status they now hold, not their actual souls. It takes a really strong person to give up all of these things for their dream. I think that fame is not for the weak hearted.
With the exception of some famous people, I do believe that celebrities are normal human beings who had the courage and were able to realize their dreams. Maybe instead of being so obsessed with how they got there, people should applaud the greatness that famous people have come to with their hard work. People should pay attention to their own lives and work on bringing their own dreams into fruition and reach the success they wish for.
Time is being wasted on the subject of soul selling, especially if you’re in the artistic realm.  The clock is ticking on living your life and doing what you came here to do..whatever that may be.

♥ xM.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

About Girls/Boys and girls clothes

Wow, my blog is seriously deprived of my attention these days! :O Soo, I thought I'd post something I just posted on my facebook music/artist page ( to share with my blog readers :). Don't forget to come "Like" my FB page if you visit there also! xo ♥ M.
Thoughts today: I think the view of women needing to cover themselves up completely to keep men from "sinning" is the most ridiculous thing I've come across. That is like saying it is a womans fault for being raped, sexually harrassed at work. While I can understand that dressing like a whore is a little over the top, I also think that men who have these "issues" of not being able to control themselves need to take responsibility for themselves. We see so many videos and articles about women and how we need to take responsibility for mens actions with regards to how we look and dress. This is a load of bs.
Why not have articles or videos about how a man should treat women with respect no matter what they look like. This should be a given. But no, every blame is placed on women..since time began the blame has been placed on us regarding how men act or react when we are in the picture. I think the real issue with this is that women are powerful without even having to try, we can just walk into a room and it is felt.
Really the whole "women are to blame" comes from fear, fear of the beauty of women, fear of how we make men feel or think, fear of the potential of what women can do with this power we possess. What it all comes down to is men (NOT ALL) really need to become more comfortable with their maleness and own all of who they are, by taking responsibility for their actions. It is a power struggle. Stop blaming all of feminitiy for the problems (or "sins") you've created in your mind because of your inability to control your own actions when it comes to women.
Women are not responsible for men doing the wrong thing or thinking the wrong thing in their mind, matter how we dress. When you think about it, we could be wearing a large paper bag dress, and many men are still thinking about what is underneath. So you see this issue is not a woman's concern or responsibility. How is it our responsibility to walk on eggshells to make sure men behave?..that is warped. ♥ M.

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