Monday, October 17, 2011

God is Bigger than Himself??

God is Bigger than himself?

Oh boy, look what’s found its way inside my brain now.
God is bigger than himself. To say God is “himself”, is already making what is normally referred to as God, out to be a single entity, which would mean there is more around besides God. But God is supposed to be the biggest there is.

But, how can there be more of something that already was, and is already where it is not, when that something is The All?

Since God is The All, that in my mind includes everything and everyone including female. Now I know many people (not excluding myself) will pick at this thought for me saying it or even thinking it. Believe me as I write it, I go to a weird place inside myself to think that I would even think such a thing…how blasphemous, right? Because God has always been explained as being only one way.
However, as I think on it, since God is The All, The Alpha, The Omega etc., does that not include femininity and other ways of being since those ways of being are a part of creation?

If the Creator of it all is not the largest of it all, then that would leave room to say there is space where The Creator is not found.

…but the above statement however, contradicts the entire supposed is-ness and vastness that is told to be God.

Here I am, 36 years old, and I remember being 8 years old asking my mother “Mommy, if God made us, then who made God?” I used to drive myself crazy in my little head.

This brings me back to my first statement of – God is bigger than himself. Calling God simply himself automatically makes God to be as one separate being separate from everything…when God is everything.

Just thoughts from my personal journal. :)


Friday, October 14, 2011

New Pics

New pics on my Facebook page! Don't forget to check out my music and click "Like"! :) xo's ♫ coming soon! ♥ Jipsy

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creating The Unexplainable

 Creating is what makes us feel closer to something unexplainable and extravagant. Being "small" and "down here on earth" as we say, feels ...well little. So the only way to get close to this 'feeling' is to create. This is why we all do anything we do, because we all desire to be as close as possible to The Greatness, The All, The Source, The One.

Some of us take creating to a dark place and do it out of greed or jealousy of another person. But, to create simply just to be like God, to create something, anything wonderful and feel close to God, this is what we are really after and what we are all doing here on this earth.

     Do you remember why you are here? Why are you creating in the first place? It is that 'Feeling' of being awesome and being beyond words that you are looking for.  Love/God or whatever you may call him/it is awesome and beyond words. So the only way to get close to that feeling, that to


                                      Because creating feels good and applaudable...doesn't it? :)

It is better to applaud and give reverence to what someone has created, than to degrade them for it. The reason being, that person is showing by their outward action of creating how they desire to be close to that Awesomeness that is called God.

It is not a "look at them and what they did" kind of thing, however that is not a bad way to look at a person, considering their greatness of creating something.
It is more of a Spiritual nature, in that a person who creates is so innocent and loving in their being here on earth that they outwardly show their wanting to be like the biggest and most Awesome Creator there is by creating.

            The only way to touch the Unexplainable is to create something, which is awesome in itself, because God is unexplainable and that is the feeling we all want when we create.

            We all want to be awesome and our creations to be so magnificent that they are unexplainable.

                                         This is the feeling of God...the Unexplainable.
So...go create something beautiful.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Suicide Anyone?- reposted from my myspace blog

Due to the fact that I haven't anything to say currently, I thought I would re-post a blog post from my personal blog I have on entitled.."Suicide Anyone" I wrote it on June 15, 2008. I would say it still stands to be a great post even now. 

Comment me and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, you can visit my myspace and ck out my ♫'s if you'd like, as well as I hope you enjoy the read :). 

Oh and... new music really is coming soon!

Suicide Anyone? - June 15, 2008

If committing suicide is the quote unquote "ultimate sin" according to most of all the leading religions in one way or another, then I think it is safe to assume that we are all committing suicide everyday slowly.  If that is the case then we are all "sinning" and on our way to a hell. Which means every human being that exists. Right? Well..let's see.
We commit suicide everyday by:  smoking those cigarettes
We commit suicide everyday by: drinking to the point of no control over yourself
We commit suicide everyday by: eating unhealthy foods
We commit suicide everyday by: not following the doctors orders
We commit suicide everyday by: having unprotected sex
We commit suicide everyday by: by being promiscuous
We commit suicide everyday by: standing by and watching all the above and much more happen and not doing anything about it.                                               

We commit suicide everyday in other ways as well.  Let me even go a step further. It has been a big business to promote and teach that we are all one. I am even a big subscriber to that thought process. I'm sure you've also heard all the buzz about it yourself. That "we are one" statement takes on a new meaning when you look at it in the way I am about to describe.  I am not far off the mark to say we are committing suicide when we hurt others with our words. What we say can hurt so deeply..some people are hurt so deeply from a harsh remark that it causes them to hurt themselves or worse.  I know…you think "but they did it to themselves, so how is that my fault?"  Well, remember that "we are one" statement? And well you've just committed suicide with that remark you said because you are one with all. 

I'd like to take this a step even further.  You've also by now heard the saying "You are what you think", or "Thoughts become things"?   I'd like to expand on that by connecting that thought process with the idea of suicide.  If we continually think unhealthy, mean, hateful and unloving thoughts about ourselves and others, it's been documented that this can cause fatal diseases or circumstances in your own body. Cancer is one that comes to mind very strongly.  Our unhealthy thinking can cause unwanted conditions that can lead to death.  If this is true then it is safe to assume here as well that we are committing suicide when we think in these ways.

This is something that came across my mind again this morning because I've been thinking about for a while now. What difference does it make that we commit suicide by the "quick method" or  whether we are doing what all of us are guilty of everyday.  Like what I've mentioned above.  Either way it is killing your self, and committing the quote unquote "ultimate sin". 

It seems futile to focus all of our attention on those who commit suicide by calling them a sinner, when in fact we are all doing the very same thing albeit at a slower rate.  My heart truly goes out to those who have committed the act of suicide as we currently see it in our society, as well as their family members.  It is a sad situation that needs a lot of love.  But I fear we are seriously missing the whole picture, and are downing playing our own part we play in the whole "sin" thing and what the meaning of suicide is.

There is more that I want to/may add to this…but I can't gather my words right now. I will add it later. Meanwhile feel free to let me know what you think about what I've written so far.
Cher J

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey u! :)

New ♫music♪ coming soon, I know..I know, I said that back in June but the songs are coming along, promise.  Had a few bumps in the road, but they "seem" to be smoothing out. :) Many ♥'s and have a great August
.....and happy New Moon.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shrinking who you are..

How do you belittle yourself to protect someone else’s feelings…how do you do something like this? Well in my opinion, it is not possible to NOT be what we are meant to be on this earth. There are some people in life, who feel it necessary to tell you that you need to be less so they can feel good. I have come across this many times in my life, and because of feeling bad for them, I found myself shrinking in my character or walking on eggshells so as not to offend them with any greatness they perceive I may have.

Now, I am not a “toot your horn till it can’t toot no more” type of personality, but I am also not ashamed to be me and I am very happy to have and share the many talents that I have been blessed with. It really hurts me that some people, not all, feel that I or anyone else should be less around them to make them feel happy with themselves. It is a sickness of the psyche that really gets at me because I feel there is enough greatness, talent, awesomeness etc to go around. When I see someone who has greatness inside them, it does not make me upset that I may not have the same things they have. I never understood this type of thinking to be jealous or envious because someone else has something you currently do not have but could. However, taunting someone with how wonderful you think you are is a different story for a different blog.

We all have so many different forms of brightness’s and if someone expects you to extinguish your light so they can feel better…well that is very sad. I wish anyone who feels this way well, and hope that they can come to a place of genuinely and healthily loving who they are and what they have to offer this world.
This has been on my mind for a while now…these thoughts, so I just want to say that I am going to keep being me and will bless and be happy for others who are themselves. Why shrink away the greatness that you are to make sure you are not hurting anyone? It serves no one to do this, especially the ones you are shrinking in character for.

Some people need to take responsibility for themselves and their Self and learn to understand that they have so much inside to share. It may not be the same as another person, but that does not matter and that is what makes this world so wonderful.  Just love who you are. ♥

♥ Jipsy

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perfectionism delimma

Everyday we are all striving to be so "Perfect", when maybe the perfection is in realizing how imperfect we really are. Maybe if we learn to lovingly embrace every part of ourselves, including what we call the "imperfect" parts, then that will free up our need to be so perfect all the time. It all works out so perfectly, dare you not agree?

~ ♥ Jipsy

Friday, May 6, 2011

I woke up with this thought in my head

If a man finds getting into your mind worthless, then he is not worth getting into your life and sharing your body.

You are made of the Highest caliber, a precious jewel of the rarest quality...a royalty that commands genuine adoration and favor.

♥ Jipsy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Working on new music...amongst other stuff :)

Hey! So I'm working on new music to post soon on and other sites. Really excited about the new stuff! Can't wait until you hear them.

Also, will have new pics posted soon on all the sites I'm on, I've been wanting to get into some modeling on the side, and really want to share that experience with you.
I will keep you posted as to what is coming next! :)

♥ Jipsy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something I wrote this morning....

What is the point of beauty if it is unseen and not given a home?

What is the meaning of love if it is always abandoned and alone?

Has the light of a new day all been an illusion?

Is pain all there is, only a beginning to a conclusion?

Nothing is all that remains out of the something that might have been.

As a heart cries out to the sky asking why and will there be a when.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some natal chart info about me

So..I found out I have some sort of Sun Trine Moon and a Sun Trine Pluto in my natal chart. Not sure exactly what these mean if they even mean anything at all...but interesting reading all the same.  Also have some other trines up in there too and well this is just way too much information for me to be finding out. I will have to read about it soon! :)

Oh yeah..I'm also a Master Number 11 a 29/11 to be exact but who's counting right? Finding out lots of cool stuff about yourself is just well.. cool.
While we're at it, my sun sign is Taurus, moon sign is Libra and rising sign is Scorpio...:)

I don't know about anybody else but knowing this stuff about yourself is a good read, if anything, but the only problem is with everything I have in my natal chart I'll be reading for weeks.
I'd rather be writing and doing other stuff, but I guess it's still good all the same because I do like to read! (smile)

♥ Jipsy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem/Prayer I wrote in one of my journals on August 15, 2005

♥ Love

I have never been in love....I don't think. How would I recognize it?
I can imagine what it would feel like.

Love would be sweet and sexy. It would be humorous and playful.
Love would be there for me when it wants to run the other direction.
Love would give me flowers on any day of the week just because.
Love would make me laugh when I'm feeling down.
Love would be tall and handsome..

Love would not call me anything derogatory or hurtful.
Love would touch me softly and gently and turn me on with
just one glance.

Most of all love would love me.

Love would love me inspite of all my flaws, and accept my excess
emotional states of being.
Love would teach me love.
Love would lift me up and hold me down with a kiss.
Love would chase me on a beach and lay with me within its waves.
Love would love me from one continent to another or love me in one room.
Love would love me no matter who I choose to be at any given moment.

Love would not lie to me.

Most of all love would love me.

Love would not be afraid or reluctant to open up to me.
Love would not discard me because of my weaknesses.
Love would ask how my day went, and genuinely care about the answer.
Love would want to be a part of my interests.
Love would not be afraid of what I have to say.
Love would not discredit what I have to say as irrelevant and mindless

Love would make me shed tears in the intenseness of intimate passion.
Love would make me feel alive.
Love would love me whether I chose to stay or go and would choose my happiness.

Love would want me to and let me be who I am.
Love would not be afraid of what I have to offer.

Love would embrace me when I seem un-embraceable.
Love would be easy to talk to, would never end and love would be true.

Love would show me the way back to God when I've lost my way.
Love would have my back, let me know, and make me feel I can let my guard down
and trust.

Love would help me see the good in all things in life.
Love would be infant, child, teen, adult and elderly all at once.
Love would be my friend...

But most of all love would love me...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New Store Yaay!!! I opened a new store where you can buy tee shirts and other apparel. The spot is  Let me know what you would like to see in my store or if there is anything I don't have that you would like to see!!

I will also post this link on my other websites as well :).

♥ u and hope you are having a fun day!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Control...all about the control.

People have an innate desire to control other people...other peoples lives, thoughts, how they should feel about something, ...everything.

Lately I have this deep feeling within me to be who I am without apology. At the same time I have this belief that I've had to ask God for permission to be myself. That thought in itself is dumb to me though because he already knows/knew who I would be and what I would think at any given moment in my life right?...duh!

I always felt that I had to or have to be under some sort of mental control in my outward way of living and in my thoughts, when it comes to religion. For example, what will members of any certain religion think of me if I express certain ways of thinking?

However, I cannot run away from this deep urge within me to say what I feel and be who I am. As long as I am not harming anyone I am allowed to BE....and I can permit myself to be whoever it is that I choose to be. 
People have no problem living who they are, and expect acceptance of what they are presenting socially, as they have every right. So why should I have a problem being?
I think this is the message I (my soul) is trying to relay.."Live and let live, with harm to none"
It just rings true to me.

Why try to control others, when controlling yourself and your Self is what is key?

♥ Jipsy

Up late on a Saturday night creating this blog

I am so excited to let you know that you can find all my posts in one spot that is dedicated to yours truly, me. Well this blog isn't just about me, but pretty much everything I have going on at one time or another. I was blogging pretty regularly on my myspace @ for a long while, from about 2007-2010. Had some personal upsets but I am back now and with a personal blog to boot! Whoohoo! not much to say right now (only because I'm trying to figure out this site), but I do have lots to tell you. K?

I love to talk too so this works out perfect for me..  :) Hope it's perfect for you too! xoxo

♥ Jipsy

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