Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some natal chart info about me

So..I found out I have some sort of Sun Trine Moon and a Sun Trine Pluto in my natal chart. Not sure exactly what these mean if they even mean anything at all...but interesting reading all the same.  Also have some other trines up in there too and well this is just way too much information for me to be finding out. I will have to read about it soon! :)

Oh yeah..I'm also a Master Number 11 a 29/11 to be exact but who's counting right? Finding out lots of cool stuff about yourself is just well.. cool.
While we're at it, my sun sign is Taurus, moon sign is Libra and rising sign is Scorpio...:)

I don't know about anybody else but knowing this stuff about yourself is a good read, if anything, but the only problem is with everything I have in my natal chart I'll be reading for weeks.
I'd rather be writing and doing other stuff, but I guess it's still good all the same because I do like to read! (smile)

♥ Jipsy

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