Sunday, November 11, 2012

Karma: How Thoughts, Feelings and Actions Relate

My thoughts for this Sunday morning:

Creating good Karma with what I'm thinking as well as with what I'm doing is important to me, because what we're doing does not always reflect what we're actually thinking and vice versa. Doing and Thinking have to match for harmony within the self and in life to be possible. Otherwise it turns into a fake representation of yourself, which eventually causes discord within ourselves and in relationships with other people.


When there isn't a balance in all aspects of ourselves, then this is why most problems occur. On one level we are not being honest with the people we are interacting with, on another, we are most importantly not being honest with ourselves. We all have within us, some more than others, an ability to sense subconsciously when someone is not being truthful with us. That same ability works within ourselves as well. We can not lie to ourselves about how we are really feeling and thinking even if we try our hardest to portray it otherwise with our actions.

When it comes down to it, honesty with what we are doing, thinking and feeling need to work together, because it is a much more peaceful existence to do that. It is a much “cleaner” way to live.


Being honest with how we are feeling and thinking requires responsibility in how we enact them. It calls for diplomacy and maturity, not aggression coming from a place of misplaced pride and self righteousness. None of us are near perfect, but that is not an excuse to abuse our being honest.


Life has definitely got ups and downs, however I believe those ups and downs would be few and far between once the equilibrium between our thoughts, feelings and actions are working together, not against one another. I desire and strive to be honest and have a clear conscience in all regards, it just feels like the right way to be and live to create good Karma in my future.



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