Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SHE & HER...

I was having a conversation with an old friend whom I’m no longer

associated with. She mentioned how her ex husband had shorthanded

her of some pictures and videos of her son by only sending a very

small amount..and keeping the happiest moments from her. My friends ex was

also known to have mistreated her verbally and emotionally in the past.


Suddenly during our conversation while she was talking I saw her

as her younger self and I "heard" that side of her as she was

speaking coming out.


At that moment I became fully aware of the significance of HER.


After she finished explaining what her ex did, I began to

tell my friend how it saddens me how her ex mistreated her femininity

and how most men and some women degrade women. Women also

mistreat HER by not treating themselves well, and allowing others

to not treat them well.


We are all HER, and She has been so mistreated in every way by

so many different means. From outright mistreatment of females

to the even more subtle way such as downplaying women as being incapable,

unintelligent, less able, worth based on beauty, only good enough to be used

as a sex symbols and women allowing themselves to be used.


When a man hits a woman he is degrading and desecrating HER.


SHE is more than an outside experience to beckon to.

SHE is me and every other female on the planet.


SHE is also in every man who chooses to acknowledge HER, and who

has a deep profound respect for women.


All women are Goddesses, and we bring life to everything we touch.



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