Sunday, June 16, 2013

In this day and age??

I've experienced a few times racists types of situations where I've spoken to a white person, maybe over the phone..everything goes well, everyone is considerate and polite and looking forward to meeting the other. For no apparent reason when they finally get to meet me they are suddenly distant and seem to dislike me like I've killed their dog or something.  Come to find out they were unaware that I was a black woman because over the phone I sounded white, so when they see me they are not happy campers.

In addition, I've had (very recently) a white person just stare at me as if I was some disgusting creature they've never seen. I've also noticed that it doesn't matter how much money you have, how nice your clothes are, how good your smell, how eloquently you speak, how educated you are or even how straight your hair is as a black person..because people that are suffering with being a racist never see anything but a color.

I will never understand why the color of skin is so important. We are all HUMAN, and all BEAUTIFUL living TOGETHER on this earth.
I know racism is unfortunately still alive, but it's still very odd to me to come up against this sort of thing in this day and is also sad and quite a bit stupid. I'm very concerned that racist people no matter their race, are behind in their thinking to the point of being elementary..and not able to get passed a color of a persons skin.

Dr. Martin Luther King did so much to begin change in American regarding racism and human rights. I feel he opened so many doors for this country. But that is just it, he opened the doorways and we are the ones that were supposed to complete the journey. I am sad to say that we haven't really carried out what Dr. King started all those years ago.

It is like American's became lazy and complacent depending only on what was accomplished by him instead of moving it forward as I'm sure Dr. King wanted. The point I think was for we as Americans to continue to build upon what was initiated by Dr. Martin Luther King. We seriously still have a long long way to go.


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