Thursday, August 7, 2014

Knocking On Closed Doors...and Math

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So I have some thoughts this morning that came to me as I am sitting here starting my day regarding things and situations that no longer work or aren't working. We tend to want to push and push to make something, anything work and go in our favor..and sometimes pushing is a good thing. In order to get anywhere in life it's good to have an ambitious character. On the other hand though I'm really talking about pushing to make something happen that just isn't meant to happen or will never happen for you.

If you take math for example (please bare with me while I explain)..let's use 2+9=11 hard as you try you can never make 2 and 9 equal 12 or 13 etc. Even if you move the numbers around and make it 3+8 or 7+4 etc. You will never make those sets of numbers equal anything other than 11, what it is supposed to be.

So in reference to certain areas (not all) in our lives, no matter how much you move things in your life around to try to suit a situation it will never equal out to the results that you are looking for. The factors that are in the situation will never change to create the end result that you are looking for. So what this means is that you and I have to choose different factors to work with to create the results we want.

Basically when we keep doing and repeating the same things and circumstances in our lives we will keep getting the same results. It makes perfect sense to me to equate that thought process to math. Math is point blank, you never get a different answer no matter how hard you try to move the numbers around in a range. It's the same exact thing in life. If we keep working with the same set of "numbers" and "factors" then we will always and forever keep getting the same answers.

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