Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something I wrote this morning....

What is the point of beauty if it is unseen and not given a home?

What is the meaning of love if it is always abandoned and alone?

Has the light of a new day all been an illusion?

Is pain all there is, only a beginning to a conclusion?

Nothing is all that remains out of the something that might have been.

As a heart cries out to the sky asking why and will there be a when.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some natal chart info about me

So..I found out I have some sort of Sun Trine Moon and a Sun Trine Pluto in my natal chart. Not sure exactly what these mean if they even mean anything at all...but interesting reading all the same.  Also have some other trines up in there too and well this is just way too much information for me to be finding out. I will have to read about it soon! :)

Oh yeah..I'm also a Master Number 11 a 29/11 to be exact but who's counting right? Finding out lots of cool stuff about yourself is just well.. cool.
While we're at it, my sun sign is Taurus, moon sign is Libra and rising sign is Scorpio...:)

I don't know about anybody else but knowing this stuff about yourself is a good read, if anything, but the only problem is with everything I have in my natal chart I'll be reading for weeks.
I'd rather be writing and doing other stuff, but I guess it's still good all the same because I do like to read! (smile)

♥ Jipsy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem/Prayer I wrote in one of my journals on August 15, 2005

♥ Love

I have never been in love....I don't think. How would I recognize it?
I can imagine what it would feel like.

Love would be sweet and sexy. It would be humorous and playful.
Love would be there for me when it wants to run the other direction.
Love would give me flowers on any day of the week just because.
Love would make me laugh when I'm feeling down.
Love would be tall and handsome..

Love would not call me anything derogatory or hurtful.
Love would touch me softly and gently and turn me on with
just one glance.

Most of all love would love me.

Love would love me inspite of all my flaws, and accept my excess
emotional states of being.
Love would teach me love.
Love would lift me up and hold me down with a kiss.
Love would chase me on a beach and lay with me within its waves.
Love would love me from one continent to another or love me in one room.
Love would love me no matter who I choose to be at any given moment.

Love would not lie to me.

Most of all love would love me.

Love would not be afraid or reluctant to open up to me.
Love would not discard me because of my weaknesses.
Love would ask how my day went, and genuinely care about the answer.
Love would want to be a part of my interests.
Love would not be afraid of what I have to say.
Love would not discredit what I have to say as irrelevant and mindless

Love would make me shed tears in the intenseness of intimate passion.
Love would make me feel alive.
Love would love me whether I chose to stay or go and would choose my happiness.

Love would want me to and let me be who I am.
Love would not be afraid of what I have to offer.

Love would embrace me when I seem un-embraceable.
Love would be easy to talk to, would never end and love would be true.

Love would show me the way back to God when I've lost my way.
Love would have my back, let me know, and make me feel I can let my guard down
and trust.

Love would help me see the good in all things in life.
Love would be infant, child, teen, adult and elderly all at once.
Love would be my friend...

But most of all love would love me...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New Store Yaay!!! I opened a new store where you can buy tee shirts and other apparel. The spot is  Let me know what you would like to see in my store or if there is anything I don't have that you would like to see!!

I will also post this link on my other websites as well :).

♥ u and hope you are having a fun day!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Control...all about the control.

People have an innate desire to control other people...other peoples lives, thoughts, how they should feel about something, ...everything.

Lately I have this deep feeling within me to be who I am without apology. At the same time I have this belief that I've had to ask God for permission to be myself. That thought in itself is dumb to me though because he already knows/knew who I would be and what I would think at any given moment in my life right?...duh!

I always felt that I had to or have to be under some sort of mental control in my outward way of living and in my thoughts, when it comes to religion. For example, what will members of any certain religion think of me if I express certain ways of thinking?

However, I cannot run away from this deep urge within me to say what I feel and be who I am. As long as I am not harming anyone I am allowed to BE....and I can permit myself to be whoever it is that I choose to be. 
People have no problem living who they are, and expect acceptance of what they are presenting socially, as they have every right. So why should I have a problem being?
I think this is the message I (my soul) is trying to relay.."Live and let live, with harm to none"
It just rings true to me.

Why try to control others, when controlling yourself and your Self is what is key?

♥ Jipsy

Up late on a Saturday night creating this blog

I am so excited to let you know that you can find all my posts in one spot that is dedicated to yours truly, me. Well this blog isn't just about me, but pretty much everything I have going on at one time or another. I was blogging pretty regularly on my myspace @ for a long while, from about 2007-2010. Had some personal upsets but I am back now and with a personal blog to boot! Whoohoo! not much to say right now (only because I'm trying to figure out this site), but I do have lots to tell you. K?

I love to talk too so this works out perfect for me..  :) Hope it's perfect for you too! xoxo

♥ Jipsy

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