Sunday, April 17, 2011

Control...all about the control.

People have an innate desire to control other people...other peoples lives, thoughts, how they should feel about something, ...everything.

Lately I have this deep feeling within me to be who I am without apology. At the same time I have this belief that I've had to ask God for permission to be myself. That thought in itself is dumb to me though because he already knows/knew who I would be and what I would think at any given moment in my life right?...duh!

I always felt that I had to or have to be under some sort of mental control in my outward way of living and in my thoughts, when it comes to religion. For example, what will members of any certain religion think of me if I express certain ways of thinking?

However, I cannot run away from this deep urge within me to say what I feel and be who I am. As long as I am not harming anyone I am allowed to BE....and I can permit myself to be whoever it is that I choose to be. 
People have no problem living who they are, and expect acceptance of what they are presenting socially, as they have every right. So why should I have a problem being?
I think this is the message I (my soul) is trying to relay.."Live and let live, with harm to none"
It just rings true to me.

Why try to control others, when controlling yourself and your Self is what is key?

♥ Jipsy

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