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Suicide Anyone?- reposted from my myspace blog

Due to the fact that I haven't anything to say currently, I thought I would re-post a blog post from my personal blog I have on entitled.."Suicide Anyone" I wrote it on June 15, 2008. I would say it still stands to be a great post even now. 

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Suicide Anyone? - June 15, 2008

If committing suicide is the quote unquote "ultimate sin" according to most of all the leading religions in one way or another, then I think it is safe to assume that we are all committing suicide everyday slowly.  If that is the case then we are all "sinning" and on our way to a hell. Which means every human being that exists. Right? Well..let's see.
We commit suicide everyday by:  smoking those cigarettes
We commit suicide everyday by: drinking to the point of no control over yourself
We commit suicide everyday by: eating unhealthy foods
We commit suicide everyday by: not following the doctors orders
We commit suicide everyday by: having unprotected sex
We commit suicide everyday by: by being promiscuous
We commit suicide everyday by: standing by and watching all the above and much more happen and not doing anything about it.                                               

We commit suicide everyday in other ways as well.  Let me even go a step further. It has been a big business to promote and teach that we are all one. I am even a big subscriber to that thought process. I'm sure you've also heard all the buzz about it yourself. That "we are one" statement takes on a new meaning when you look at it in the way I am about to describe.  I am not far off the mark to say we are committing suicide when we hurt others with our words. What we say can hurt so deeply..some people are hurt so deeply from a harsh remark that it causes them to hurt themselves or worse.  I know…you think "but they did it to themselves, so how is that my fault?"  Well, remember that "we are one" statement? And well you've just committed suicide with that remark you said because you are one with all. 

I'd like to take this a step even further.  You've also by now heard the saying "You are what you think", or "Thoughts become things"?   I'd like to expand on that by connecting that thought process with the idea of suicide.  If we continually think unhealthy, mean, hateful and unloving thoughts about ourselves and others, it's been documented that this can cause fatal diseases or circumstances in your own body. Cancer is one that comes to mind very strongly.  Our unhealthy thinking can cause unwanted conditions that can lead to death.  If this is true then it is safe to assume here as well that we are committing suicide when we think in these ways.

This is something that came across my mind again this morning because I've been thinking about for a while now. What difference does it make that we commit suicide by the "quick method" or  whether we are doing what all of us are guilty of everyday.  Like what I've mentioned above.  Either way it is killing your self, and committing the quote unquote "ultimate sin". 

It seems futile to focus all of our attention on those who commit suicide by calling them a sinner, when in fact we are all doing the very same thing albeit at a slower rate.  My heart truly goes out to those who have committed the act of suicide as we currently see it in our society, as well as their family members.  It is a sad situation that needs a lot of love.  But I fear we are seriously missing the whole picture, and are downing playing our own part we play in the whole "sin" thing and what the meaning of suicide is.

There is more that I want to/may add to this…but I can't gather my words right now. I will add it later. Meanwhile feel free to let me know what you think about what I've written so far.
Cher J

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