Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creating The Unexplainable

 Creating is what makes us feel closer to something unexplainable and extravagant. Being "small" and "down here on earth" as we say, feels ...well little. So the only way to get close to this 'feeling' is to create. This is why we all do anything we do, because we all desire to be as close as possible to The Greatness, The All, The Source, The One.

Some of us take creating to a dark place and do it out of greed or jealousy of another person. But, to create simply just to be like God, to create something, anything wonderful and feel close to God, this is what we are really after and what we are all doing here on this earth.

     Do you remember why you are here? Why are you creating in the first place? It is that 'Feeling' of being awesome and being beyond words that you are looking for.  Love/God or whatever you may call him/it is awesome and beyond words. So the only way to get close to that feeling, that Awesomeness...is to


                                      Because creating feels good and applaudable...doesn't it? :)

It is better to applaud and give reverence to what someone has created, than to degrade them for it. The reason being, that person is showing by their outward action of creating how they desire to be close to that Awesomeness that is called God.

It is not a "look at them and what they did" kind of thing, however that is not a bad way to look at a person, considering their greatness of creating something.
It is more of a Spiritual nature, in that a person who creates is so innocent and loving in their being here on earth that they outwardly show their wanting to be like the biggest and most Awesome Creator there is by creating.

            The only way to touch the Unexplainable is to create something, which is awesome in itself, because God is unexplainable and that is the feeling we all want when we create.

            We all want to be awesome and our creations to be so magnificent that they are unexplainable.

                                         This is the feeling of God...the Unexplainable.
So...go create something beautiful.


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