Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some life happenings..really ridiculous, sad, funny life situations about cleanliness. seems an ongoing theme in my life to run into situations where people get very upset with me for wanting to be clean or stay germ free. To me it is very funny how I'm the one made out to be over acting and overly germaphobic when  something they do is prone to cause sickness or whatever.

I'll give you some examples.

For instance once I was employed by an organization where my supervisor sat across from me and vice versa. We would eat our lunch at our desks which was nice because it was much more comfortable to me to enjoy my lunch at my desk. Anyways, well I noticed that as she was eating her sandwich she kept sitting it on the desk without a napkin or anything underneath it. Well I mentioned how other people come and sit there and that you don't know what goes on when she is not there.

Well you'd think I called her a blasphemous name or something because she flipped out and brought other employees in on it like I was a goody two shoe about germs. She also wanted to make it clear that because she was able to sit her sandwich on an open desk it somehow made her stronger than I was a weakling. Good grief.

Another for instance recently my daughter had a friend come spend the night at our house. Now I'm all for the sleepover thing and friends having a movie night etc. I didn't know that the friend coming over was coming over sick as a dog. Out of kindness, because she was already here I let her stay the one night but had already decided she needed to go home the next day. The friend was laying down the entire time she was here and was coughing and all sorts of things.

That is only part of the whole issue..when my daughter spoke with the friend through email I'm told the friends mother was upset with me because I sent her home for being sick! And because I was using Lysol around her daughter! Wt?

She was contagious, and sick at my home when you knew she was sick and I'm being ridiculed because I was cleaning around her and because I took her home? The nerve of it all!

One last for instance. I was washing my hands at a job before lunch and I felt a coworker watching I slowly turn to her as if to say why are you staring so hard. She then proceeds to look at my hands and says "what are you going in for surgery?" tyring to make it as a joke..because I was washing my hands. I wash my hands for at least 15 secs. Some people seem to put liquid soap on there hands and then just rinse under the water without any washing. To me and for my own needs that is NOT washing your hands.

There are many other instances I can mention about this whole thing of people being defensive about you pointing out an obvious thing. But I'll stop here.

I think the reason people get so upset is because they feel you are somehow belittling them because you aren't doing the unaware actions they are doing. It makes them feel less than and so because of their lack of self they'll try to bring you down a peg or two so you feel like them. It's so ego based it's not even funny anymore it's sad really..
♥ Jipsy

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