Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Thoughts today.. :)

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Most times I'm overwhelmed with emotions of care and compassion for people I don't even know..people I see when I'm sitting at a light or walking in the mall or whatever. I feel so connected and sometimes sad for they are a family member I love and care deeply about. 

Part of me wants to shrink away from this emotional reaction, I'm almost embarrassed. I believe part of the reason is because we are so conditioned to be self absorbed and not caring for others from day 1. At least subliminally we are. Having genuine love and care for other people is look at as a weakness especially in the current world we live in.

When I get in this frame of mind of feeling compassion for others I also inwardly think something must be wrong with me to be feeling this way..I mean it isn't the "usual" way of interacting with people, especially people you don't know right? Or is it?

We forgot who we really are and have come to believe that this world we live in and all of it's mind traps are who we are..and that is not the truth.

I believe this reaction I've been having to people I don't know is the natural state we all have before we even become a physical energy and how we are meant to feel.. but it has been suppressed because we've become so absorbed in the illusions of our surroundings.


p.s...and G'morning! Hope you have a great Sunday! xo

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