Friday, April 19, 2013

Pondering on a Thursday night..

I've come to two conclusions about my life..all of the really harsh things that have happened and that are going on right now in my life are extremely hard to handle. It's been a bit overwhelming.

The conclusions I've come to are:
 1. It is happening because I'm meant to fail or something is trying to keep me down.

OR (which to me is the better but harder option)

2. It is happening because I am meant to do something phenomenal with my life and right now I'm being emotionally and spiritually preened and conditioned for the moment that finally arrives.

The great people in history, many of them came from meager backgrounds and had many hardships before their "happy ending" came about. In actuality, it really comes down to me making a choice between the two options...meaning am I going to give up or will I press on and accomplish what I came here to do?

I can either give up, throw in the towel..or I can be the heroine of my life and conquer these mountains before me.
...those are the only choices.

Every queen has her rough moments..but at the end of it all she is still a queen.

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