Sunday, February 3, 2013

About Girls/Boys and girls clothes

Wow, my blog is seriously deprived of my attention these days! :O Soo, I thought I'd post something I just posted on my facebook music/artist page ( to share with my blog readers :). Don't forget to come "Like" my FB page if you visit there also! xo ♥ M.
Thoughts today: I think the view of women needing to cover themselves up completely to keep men from "sinning" is the most ridiculous thing I've come across. That is like saying it is a womans fault for being raped, sexually harrassed at work. While I can understand that dressing like a whore is a little over the top, I also think that men who have these "issues" of not being able to control themselves need to take responsibility for themselves. We see so many videos and articles about women and how we need to take responsibility for mens actions with regards to how we look and dress. This is a load of bs.
Why not have articles or videos about how a man should treat women with respect no matter what they look like. This should be a given. But no, every blame is placed on women..since time began the blame has been placed on us regarding how men act or react when we are in the picture. I think the real issue with this is that women are powerful without even having to try, we can just walk into a room and it is felt.
Really the whole "women are to blame" comes from fear, fear of the beauty of women, fear of how we make men feel or think, fear of the potential of what women can do with this power we possess. What it all comes down to is men (NOT ALL) really need to become more comfortable with their maleness and own all of who they are, by taking responsibility for their actions. It is a power struggle. Stop blaming all of feminitiy for the problems (or "sins") you've created in your mind because of your inability to control your own actions when it comes to women.
Women are not responsible for men doing the wrong thing or thinking the wrong thing in their mind, matter how we dress. When you think about it, we could be wearing a large paper bag dress, and many men are still thinking about what is underneath. So you see this issue is not a woman's concern or responsibility. How is it our responsibility to walk on eggshells to make sure men behave?..that is warped. ♥ M.

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