Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Illusions

Holiday Illusions

It has become a standard that any other non-holiday day is “the norm” to be violent, mean, selfish, unkind, rude or whatever. Then suddenly because of a day that is just like any other day, but that we’ve been told to put under the guise of a “HOLIDAY! :D” …suddenly there is this invisible shiny glossy magic cover put on it and then almost everyone has this gleam in their eyes.

I don’t know why but as every year comes during the holidays I feel this sense of distraction and that I’m being fed an illusion, and today which is Thanksgiving 2013 is no different. I do not want to put across the idea that I’m not a thankful person or that I don’t enjoy all the delicious food and being with family or friends who are family that comes with this day and other big holidays. I also do not want to put across that there aren't genuine heart felt people out there who really care during these times.

No it’s not that, what I’m talking about is, I feel this aura around the holidays that almost feels like a big lie. I really hope that I don’t offend anyone with this, but I feel it needs to be said.

It is like we are having the wool pulled over our eyes, like being stuck in a weird void or warp for our minds when it comes to Thanksgiving, Christmas and many other holidays. Especially when it comes to shopping but I won't even go there in this post. 

Let’s take Thanksgiving for example since today happens to be Thanksgiving. Everyone makes such a huge deal out of the holiday and being thankful and the nostalgia of it all…when in fact this sort of energy or aspect of love should be an everyday thing. It’s like we have been programmed to be kind and loving only on these holidays and any other day is a free for all to be ridiculous to others. 

In my opinion it is very sad that we have fallen into this “Holiday” lie. Yes I said lie, and I say it because the lie in the holidays is that those are the only times to experience and give the feelings associated with those holidays. Love, which encompasses all the good feelings and emotions that surround these holidays we choose to express them, is meant to be an everyday occurrence.

Everyone really needs to wake up and stop being blinded and stop allowing themselves to be brainwashed into this idea that giving once a year is really giving, or being kind once a year is really a kind heart. These are illusions, and I am trying to wake you up to that…or at least I hope I made you think.

Needless to say, I hope you have a very blessed day today, everyday and that every day you experience a holiday, because every day should be treated as such.


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