Friday, July 6, 2012

From Evil to Innocence

                                                          From Evil to Innocence

**As I woke up this morning I lay in bed starring at the wall just blinking my eyes. Waking up into my freshly created day, I turned to a window and saw the sun peeping through the blinds. I felt very aware of myself, how I was alive here on the earth, and that it was for a reason, as if I had just been born like the new day I was experiencing. Suddenly and very quickly the thoughts and words below came to me, and I’d like to share them with you.**:

The reason infantss and young children cry alot, are so fussy, so full of energy and life is because they are newly arrived souls here on earth. Where they came from was a place of complete and utter unconditional love, freedom and acceptance in everyway. When we arrive here in our physical bodies, it is a total shock to our spiritual selves because of how restricting it is. This is an extremely scary situation to have to go through, considering where we just came from...we were able to fly or instantly go wherever we chose.

That is what older humans are here for, because we’ve gone through the unnerving transition of becoming acclimated to living in our physical bodies. We are the ones who are able to teach and mold the young ones who arrive daily into being at peace with their physical bodies until they again leave the earth and venture off into another life existence.

Some adults however, are still struggling with being in their physical bodies. That is why we have such crimes and evil doings going on around us. Those who commit these acts are really crying out from their souls or spiritual selves for help.  They never had a peaceful transition from the time right before they were born until the moment they committed the crime. In a way these adults souls are angry and still not understanding what cause them to be “trapped and constricted” in these human bodies. This is not in any way relieving a person from the consequences of horrific actions.  But, without nurturing, teaching and supporting newly arrived souls in a way that will assist them through this scary transition of at first being a spirit to being a spirit contained in a body, we are dooming them to a rocky start in their life.

This is why it is so important to be a strong backbone and support system to all young children.  They are so impressionable and it is very easy to destroy the innocence they came here with whether it is intentional or not.


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