Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thoughts, Gloom and Forced Belief

Although I know it is not forever, today I am just in a deep thought irritated mood. I am usually one who likes to remain positive and try to look at things from a different perspective., and I'm not saying I am not going to do that in the near future. But one needs to feel the full spectrum of emotions, from good to what is considered bad. I prefer to dwell in a full human experience and feel all of what this existence is offering me, whether I want to or not.

One of the things that has been on my mind has to do with all the debate over religion...whether it be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc. I've had about enough of it all. Quite frankly the whole topic of religion has gotten on my very last nerve. I just want to escape from the pressure that is put on a person to have to make a decision on which if any religion they want to choose to partake in. I'm so sick of this heavy burden of "you have to choose what you believe or else blah blah blah is going to happen to you".

It is almost to a point where a person wants to renounce ANY AND ALL religion and go live on an island somewhere far away just to be left alone! Why must this question of "what do you believe in, what god do you worship" even be an issue? Really, this whole thing has got to end. It's gotten to the point where we do not even care about a person as a human being, only that they believe and worship the way we do. It's sickening to my stomach, and most repulsive in so many ways and on so many levels.

I am not against Christianity, or Christian beliefs however it disgusts me in everyway when there is this..Christian competition if you will of "my worship is better than your worship". There is this feeling of religious snobbery to any and all people who live their life freely from a spiritual standpoint. If you do not dress a certain way as a female (I will write another blog about being female and the viewpoint of females in society), speak a certain way (and I'm not just talking about excluding curse words), "act" like you have a purity higher than the others in the world who do not believe as you do...and the list goes on...then you are looked down upon and considered unworthy to associate with.

That goes against what I was told being a true Christian is about. Christianity however is not the only religion that this viewpoint seems to invade. It seems there is an excessive amount of picking and choosing going on in religion period regarding how to treat people in respect to whether or not they believe and act like you.

If you want to get honest and look at this entire thing of religion from a complete standpoint, you would have to admit that if Jesus Christ was walking the earth at this very moment he would show love and compassion to everyone and not religious snobbery meant to degrade. That is the person I believe he was...Love in the fullest sense.

I also believe that in order to call yourself a follower of any religion, that's designed and intended to make you a better person on the earth, you must be loving and compassionate to others even when they are different from you.

Many if not most religious people seem to be religious or blindly follow a path, not because they truely believe in what they are following, but because they need a spiritual awning to hide underneath. They are afraid to break out and be spiritually who they really wish to be, and feel they are "safer" if they follow along with others who are just as afraid to take control of their spiritual lives.

♥ M.


  1. Maybe it's something, the moon, the stars, I don't know. But I've been struggling lately too. While religion is not my thing, spirituality is. Feeling isolated from it all these past several days. I turn to music and writing, but the silt of the unusual irritability seeps through. One thing for certain - this too shal pass. One true constant in this life is Change. Breathe.

  2. @Timothy I agree, religion isn't my thing either, I'm more attracted to spirituality than anything else. Music (or making music), singing and me those are some of the highest forms of spirituality.
    In the end, I know that being connected with my self will move me in the "right" direction all starts within.


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