Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Rant and Rave: Fake and Phony

**Sorry for this random rant, but I'm really fed up with a lot of the fake crap that goes on. I will get back to more relevant things such as spirituality, music etc on my next blogs. Every girl deserves a rave and rant day.** 

Yes I'm ranting today...I'm finding some "friends" I've known since I was younger aren't actually my friends. Especially since they delete posts that have to do with my music that I put on their wall to remind them to "like" my page...because for some reason they "keep forgetting".

It's funny and phony how "friends" pretend to be your friend but they will not support you in anything you are doing that is moving in a positive direction. These same friends have told me I should give up on music and only be a parent like them.

Listen my daughter is about 18yrs old in a month. I've raised her, I have no other children, don't plan on having anymore. I have goals and dreams to make come true. It is not my fault if a person decides to have millions of kids. That is actually a great thing to bring life into the world if that is what you choose to do. However I also feel it is great to be successful in your ambitions. That is what I choose for myself.

I have even had a family member, who I'm not going to name, while we were sitting at a restaurant together took it upon herself to steal an opportunity from me right before my eyes. I was speaking to a waiter about music and asking him if he does music, what instruments he plays etc..and before I can get my words out, my family member butts in, "Great here's my number, I'm looking for a few good musicians. My name is blaah blah.."

I sat there looking at her with complete disbelief. To add insult to the injury, she answered my look with "What? Business is business, and I need a musician".

I'm only including a few with me at the top of the mountain, the ones who deserve to be there because they truly stuck by me when I was struggling at the bottom.

My revenge will be my success...because I will be successful.  M.

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